Friday, June 29, 2012

Boho Gypsy Shoe Inspiration

Oh yeah! This is it! Found these vintage looking boho gypsy shoes on Ullubenula's blog and they are divine! These gypsy shoes provide the perfect inspiration for the paper shoe project I threatened to post a couple of weeks ago.
vintage ullabenulla gypsy shoes
I don't know why I'm suddenly on this boho kick but it's kinda fun and I'm finding some really gorgeous stuff! Wish I could see the heel on these beauties but that's what imagination is for! Anywho, I'll post a template pretty soon.

Image credit: Courtesy of Ullabenulla


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    1. Hey doll!

      I'm glad you like the boho shoes. I think they are just divine!!


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    1. Thanks, SueAnn! Hope you are well. I must come by and see what you've been up to these days!




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