Sunday, September 4, 2011

Living the Shabby Chic Cottage Life

I've always wanted to live the shabby chic cottage life and now I feel like I'm beginning to move toward that end. Look what I found! Is this not the picture of shabby chic loveliness?!

shabby chic shelf purchased from cottagehomedecor on Etsy
Linda arranged this photograph so beautifully and made it look so appealing! I thought it would make a fantastic prop for my dolls and add that shabby chic cottage yumminess to my own photos. Yaaay!

altered vintage books to add cottage charm
I don't have the worlds most inspiring craft space at the moment so of course I purchased this stack of books as well. I'm now on the hunt for a ceramic creamer and some crochet doilies. Haha! Be sure to visit Linda at Cottage Home Decor for more items like these.

Note: Images associated with this post remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of Linda Smith and Cottage Home Decor.


  1. Hi Kellie,

    I lost track of your blog last year when blogger gobbled up a bunch of my links. You new site is so pretty and precious paper art dolls are just wonderful.

    I've started a new blog to focus on my crochet and sewing. I'd love to have you pop in for a visit.

    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  2. Elaine Allen ( 4, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    Hi Kellie -

    I love this piece. How sweet! It certainly screams homey and shabby chic to me. What a great find.

    Elaine Allen



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