Saturday, September 24, 2011

Phoebe Update: Missing 5 Days

Morning No. 5: Set out another kitty buffet near the drain where I thought Phoebe might be hiding. The drain was found Wednesday during one of my foot searches. There was an animal in it the first time I looked but I had trouble making it out. It could have been my cat. Whatever it was, it was not in there the next evening when I looked.

area where Phoebe is believed to be hiding
I sat out for an hour and a half today and saw a cat when I first showed up but it did not hang around to sample any of the sardines, mackerel, crab or crunchy filet mignon food I brought out. Saw a couple of opossums and that's it. Should I be offended?? Today I'm on the hunt for a trail camera so I can get some damned sleep!

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  1. Oh dear!!! Still missing? My heart goes out to you sweetie.....gentle hugs



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