Monday, July 30, 2012

Image Overload Remedy

Do you ever have times when you're so overwhelmed by all the ideas swirling around in your head that it actually paralyzes you into doing nothing at all? What is the cure for visual overload of great, fantastic stuff all of which you want to try your hand at making right this red hot minute?

divinely charming item from havenvintage on Etsy
I guess the key would be to detach, breathe, enjoy a zen moment and just go do something creative. It can be as simple as making a place card holder from some wire and an old door knob. It could also mean simply working on one of the many half finished projects sitting on my craft table.


  1. i like to make flowers when i cant think of anything ,and im exited for the corset diaries,does it start today ?i dont know if it was meant to bee seen but this came up on my feed a day ago and the corset diaries this morning but when i clicked it said they didnt exist .
    thanks ~ollie

    1. Hi Ollie,

      The corset diaries announcement will post on August 1 which is Wednesday. It accidentally published prematurely and I deleted it which is why you saw it but couldn't find it when you clicked on it.

      I'm excited for it too! :)


    2. Oh right ,so i saw something i wasnt supposed to.
      well im still really exited on how you are planning to do this



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