Sunday, August 12, 2012

All the way From France: Vintage Spools

I received a most delicate little package this week that came all the way from France. A vanilla yellow envelope with some some light wrinkling and smelling of lavender graced my mailbox.

from France with love
The unboxing was pure magic as this feather light bundle came wrapped ever so sweetly in a white, paper doily and some creamy antique lace.

wrapped in a paper doily
Having also received a very fragrant package of lavender that day I had the best smelling mail in town! Oh my but how that charming fragrance contributed to the romance of it all.

vintage spools tied with antique lace
Heavenly! I can't help but wonder what kinds of stories these little wooden spools have to tell. Who used them? What was she like? Did she have a good life?

rustic vintage gorgeousness
Are you thinking Le Charmed Life yet? I'm not sure how I will use these but I know it will be nothing short of some fabulously tasty vintage style morsel.

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