Monday, August 6, 2012

Internet Connection Problems

Kell Belle Studio is currently experiencing internet connection issues. Frustration does not even begin to cover the range of emotion you experience when you spend 3 exquisite hours troubleshooting both on your own and with your service provider and then still can't come to a satisfactory resolution. I may have narrowed down the problem though. With luck, I'll be working again soon. :)

UPDATE: After wrestling with my service provider for another couple of hours, internet is working and happiness is restored! Yaaay!


  1. Well that truly suck!! Hope it all gets fixed soon

  2. If you have included blogging or internet browsing in your life, then I can't blame you for being emotional when your internet connection broke. You can always take a good look around for more options. I bet there is one good internet service provider out there that won't let you miss your daily dose of web interaction.



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