Friday, November 2, 2012

Francesca: Mistress of Shadow

Miss October, mistress of shadow makes her presence known in subtle, mysterious, style. An old world girl with a distaste for the Halloween frenzy, Francesca reveals herself today yet she remains ever on the edge, always one step beyond the reach of light.

paper mache vampire corset - front
The corset diaries proudly presents the tattered, old world charm of October's vampire corset. An original beauty in more ways than one, she is made mainly of paper with crushed black tulle and glittered red tulle accents at the bust and skirt line. Satin ribbon is used for the straps and lacing.

paper mache vampire corset - back
For being so uninspired at the start of this project, I'm really happy with how this corset turned out. Of course y'all know what this means. Your template and tutorial video are forth coming so look for those to show up in the next day or two.


  1. Gorgeous. I love the red and black combination!

    1. Thanks Lucille. I'm so glad you like her. :)


  2. Oh I just love this one. Still trying to work out how you made the 3D corset...... mmmmmmmm?????? Keep them coming : )

  3. Love it n yes i agree iwanna know how you get it to be 3d



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