Monday, November 5, 2012

November Corset Inspiration

Fall is all about those muted earth tones and even though I've never been wild about fall colors who says I can't turn my orange and rust into dusty rose and annex it as part of my fall pallet? Of course it helps that dusty rose lends itself very well to that antique, aged look that we all like so much.

Fred & Ginger corset
This month I'd like to try something a little different. I'm going for the one piece look, just a slight hint of panty at the bottom of the corset. No skirt this time because I want to play around with adding some garter straps instead. (love the lacy panties in this illustration)

vector stock vintage corset illustration
You know me, I like combining what I consider to be the "best of" qualities in each design and coming up with something new. With these corsets it's mainly the one piece look combined with the low cut bust line of the red corset below that really excite me for the November corset of the month.

from Wilhelmina's Antique Fasion blog
On a side note, looks like interest in the dimensional corsets is gaining momentum so I think a tutorial on how to make those could perhaps be coming sooner than expected. I'm still undecided but I'll keep you posted. Toodles for now.

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