Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Plan Your Paper Dress Project

Planning your paper dress project does not have to be a daunting task. I touched on this topic in an earlier post and thought it was worth expanding upon.

initial theme planning
Journals are a great place to work out ideas before beginning a project so grab your favorite one and let's get started. Begin by answering a few questions. How do you feel today? Do you feel flirty and sassy? romantic and dreamy? bright and energetic?

inspiration for possible elements to include
What color is your mood? Flirty and sassy makes me think of hot pink, black polka dots, and stripes. Romantic and dreamy is creamy off whites, pale pink or dusty rose. Get the picture?

possible colors and style to cover the body

I'm in an airy, fairy kind of mood today so I'll go with pale french blues and white with splashes of corn flower yellow in a collage style theme.

madam butterfly rough sketch
Lastly, what materials will you use to complete your project? Draw a rough sketch of what you have in mind and watch as your project comes to life as you envisioned it.

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  1. Hey Kellie ..I've been following the paper couture and you sweet progressive works... Oh what fun..Thanks for sharing... HUGS



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