Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Intrigues of Seam Binding

Have you ever come across something you weren't looking for, have never used in your life and would have led a full, happy life without ever laying eyes on it but now that you have seen it, it's a must have?

hand dyed and crinkled seam binding
In an effort to dress up my packing on the dress form dolls I went looking for some freebies I could include and discovered seam binding. While the name speaks for itself, it never would have occurred to me that this could be used as a craft supply.

clothes pins for wrapping trims around
It comes packaged so prettily that I was hooked with the fervor of an addict! There is certainly no shortage of sellers on Etsy willing to sell you piles of this stuff at a very reasonable price however, one seller did stand out.

pretty vintage lace
The 5$ French Market on Etsy has some beautiful, beautiful items that will make perfect accents for packaging with my dress form dolls. Not only is their presentation elegant but they are willing to make custom orders for you. Be sure to stop by for a peek. You'll fall in love!

Note: All images associated with this post remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of 5$ French Market.


  1. Elaine Allen ( 27, 2011 at 12:55 PM

    Kellie -

    These look yummy. And I agree with you, I love their presentation!




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