Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Living the Magical Life: Exiting the Comfort Zone

What if you woke up one day only to discover that divine guidance had led you gently to the side of a very high cliff and asked you to jump off? What if that gentle spirit also assured you that if you believed enough in its guidance and your own inner wisdom that you would always be safe regardless of what happened when you took the leap? What would you do? Would you keep the status quo, remaining safely in your comfort zone where nothing ever changes or would you take the leap and venture beyond anything you had ever known before?

via Mark J Turner
I'm not talking about doing anything that might put you in harms way. True divine guidance doesn't work that way. How do you know the difference? Divine guidance feels like the most harmonious, uplifting, pure positive inspiration that will ever come over you. Without it, you would surely plummet from that cliff to your peril. Divine guidance will fill your heart with "Yes, I can!" It will line up the resources financially and otherwise to make your dreams come true. It will move mountains to pave the way for your success. All you have to do is make the leap believing that your feet will sprout wings and take you further than you've ever been.

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I began my certification in aromatherapy education this week. It's a very large expense but I was able to get creative enough with my finances to make it happen without sending me into debt. I also managed to budget my time to complete the program by November of this year. It scares the ever livin' begeezus outta me because I've always thought of myself as an artist not as a holistic healer in any way. Why now? I've got no idea but it's the most exciting feeling in the world to be on this incredible new age path. It sounds like the person I was always meant to be but because of social expectations, I ignored that calling to pursue a more conventional path that has never fulfilled me creatively or financially.

the culture of fear via Tanama Tales
Don't get me wrong, the venomous toad committee is always ready and willing to talk me out of this. With just the slightest nod in its direction it will gladly offer its unwanted opinions and criticism about why this can never work. How do I tune it out? I do so by thinking only of all the positive ways in which this new path will enhance my life. This drowns out any negative thinking that tries to creep in and take up real estate inside my head. The thought of retreating back to the comfort zone has now become more uncomfortable for me than venturing beyond it. Armed with a single mindedness to finish what I set out to do, I have a strong belief that life as I know it is about to change dramatically and I can't wait to watch it all unfold.

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  1. Best of luck in your new venture, Kellie! May you find what you are looking for.



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