Monday, April 22, 2013

Mysterious Ivy Corset

Is she shy or simply guarded? When I speak with her I get the sense that she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, remaining ever on the edge between sleep and wake, where the meadow meets the forest.

mysterious Ivy paper corset
Her wisdom is profound and yet as fleeting as a dream. You can't hold on to it with thought but the feeling of it permeates your soul. This is the stuff of magic.
mysterious Ivy paper corset back view
March has come and gone but she reveals her gifts to us in her own good time, right now. I give you Mysterious Ivy and she has a message for you. To retrieve it, center yourself and look within.


  1. Truly delightful! And such a coincidence too: I'm currently working on a hare named Ivy AND my last blog post, like yours, was on violets!

    I hope you have a beautiful springlike week.


  2. Hi Kelli, I am brand new to your blog and I just LOVE it.
    I was wondering if you could explain a little about the type of paper you use ex. Weight? Some of it almost looks like tissue paper,
    Also do you do anything to the paper to make it mor pliable?
    Thank you in advance and keep up your wonderful inspiration!
    Sylva (silva) Lamson

  3. Olá.. Amei o seu blog e os seus trabalhos. Obrigada pelos tutoriais.

    Hi.. I love your blog and your job. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Huhs from Brazil.

    Val Rodrigues

  4. magnifique!! une vraie merveille! bravo!



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