Saturday, April 13, 2013

Living the Magical Life: Replacing Negative Thinking

Panic! Desperation! Complete powerlessness! These have got to be a few of the worst feeling emotions in the world. What do you do when life suddenly hands you a change that you were not only unprepared to deal with but know with every fiber of your being is about to crush your soul right out of  existence? You haul ass out of there leaving a trail of fiery skid marks blazing fiercely behind you.

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Here's the thing. I no longer have to acquiesce to situations I feel unhappy in or that leave me feeling trapped and demoralized. I don't have to identify with or become emotionally attached to what others think. What they think or believe does not make me who I am. Change happens for a reason. The trick is to find the lesson.

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After being dealt an emotionally mind numbing blow at work last week it took me a couple of days to pick myself up, dust myself off and realize the universe was sending me a message. Actually it's been trying to get the message across for quite some time but I wasn't listening and now it has seen fit to give me a forceful shove. This is the point at which the self talk becomes so important because this is where the outcome of your choices is actually determined.

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Usually old and often negative programming comes into play which is exactly why most of us end up in the same situations over and over again. Stop! Become aware of what's going on inside your head. I made the decision not to play the old programming, not to feel sorry for myself or wallow in negativity (well, hopefully not for long anyway). The statement "there are things I can do" began playing over and over inside my head which helped restore my personal power so that I didn't feel quite so helpless.

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Empowering statements help keep the head clear long enough for divine guidance to show the way. I am not a victim! I am educated enough, I am talented enough, I am experienced enough to find something else. There are plenty of good opportunities waiting for me and I know the right one is coming to me now. Can you feel the difference in the energy of these statements versus something like "I can't because . . . "?

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I can allow others to be who they are. They don't have to change or be different in order for me to be happy. Nobody has the power to make me happy but me. I do have the choice though of whether or not I want to associate with them and make them part of my experience. My situation has now become too painful for me to remain in it but the bills still have to get paid so off I go in a new direction and that's perfectly fine at any age. Don't let your self talk hold you back! Pay attention to it because there is great wisdom there waiting for you. It holds the key to your future.


  1. So very well said! I get to choose how I want to feel each day. No matter what is going on. Yay!
    You are such a breath of fresh air! I love reading your positive posts. I am sorry you had a blow last week. They are "real". But as you say, you can get the message and move on.
    I am sending you a hug of LOVE,
    and wishing for you the best in listening and in new creative thoughts.

  2. Very interesting, Kellie! I believe firmly in striving to remain positive in the face of difficult life situations. Reading something like this is like a little refresher course. Thank you for sharing this. I do hope things will work out for you! I can't say that I'm worried because you appear to be so resilient. Take care!



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