Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Make a Scented Paper Sachet

While we're on the subject of sachets, I thought I would post a little tutorial on how to make them. These are especially easy to make out of paper. No special fabric or sewing knowledge required. All you need is an envelope template and your favorite dried flower.

learn how to assemble the favor envelope
Think outside the box a little bit about envelopes. These can be seed packets, over sized tea bag covers, or even a small paper bag. The envelope above was made from decorative vellum.

download template and labels from eat drink chic
Assemble your envelope, add dried flowers using a paper funnel, seal and embellish as desired. With some imagination, digital collage, fabric, ribbon or other bits, these can be really quite pretty!

lavender sachet from 
Regency Gifts and Crafts
The above photo is a commercially made sachet just to help get the creative juices flowing and give you an idea about what you what you can do with these. Have fun!

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