Saturday, November 3, 2012

Corset Diaries III: Vampire Corset Template

I'm a little late with October's corset but better late than never. Sometimes even the creative muse drags her feet or maybe I just resist listening to her guidance. This one is called Francesca. She's an old world, original vampire with lots of deeply ingrained quirks.

vampire corset template - 10 x 7 inches - click to download full size
Explore your shadowy side. Try something you might not otherwise have considered. The result could be better than you imagined. As a journal prompt, what shadowy secret did you learn about yourself during the creation of your vampire corset?

It goes without saying that the template and video appear above. I want to say thank you to those who take the time to say hello by leaving positive and uplifting comments. They are appreciated and I am truly grateful. Please enjoy your template.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to this Formal Paper Corset video to learn how to assemble this type of corset.


  1. wonderful i think this is going to be my first choice to make because i love vampires. lol cant wait until you do a tutorial on how to make your paper mache' dress forms

  2. Hello Kelly,
    Your corsets are FABULOUS!!!!!!!
    Will you be doing a tutorial on how to make the 3D paper mache' corsets?

    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, actually I will be putting together a tutorial on how to make the corsets. Stay tuned! I will announce on my blog and YouTube so everyone will get the chance to participate. Thanks for popping over. :)




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