Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1 Step to Leading a More Magical Life

Feeling grumpy today? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, stressed, sad or just plain out of sorts. I spent all day yesterday thinking about how to write this article and one word came bubbling up from within myself as being the answer to it all. That one word was gratitude. Before you scratch my eyes out and pin my picture to your dart board for being too much of a Pollyanna just give me a minute to explain. By the time you finish reading this, you might find yourself feeling less negative.

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Ultimately what we all want and crave in any given situation is to feel better, to feel uplifted and hopeful as we try to find our way in this game of life. When we take our minds off what is bothering us  even for just a few moments in order to appreciate something or someone, we begin to open the door to allow the magic of universal energies to present solutions to us that we might otherwise have missed. We see more clearly, we act from our own sense of knowing instead of just reacting which can make all the difference between a desired outcome and total disaster. This concept can work magic in our lives if we let it so here's today's exercise.

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What are you grateful for today? It can be anything from simple to complex but it should be something that makes you feel happy when you think about it. I'll start.

  1. the smell of fresh laundry
  2. a sleeping kitten
  3. quiet, peaceful places
  4. a flower poking up through the snow 
  5. a singing bird
  6. an unexpected letter from a friend
  7. imagination
  8. creativity
  9. lavender soap
  10. a warm shower on a cold day
  11. my comfortable, warm, dry, bed
  12. spring time
Now it's your turn. Give it a go either on your own or by leaving a comment. 


  1. Springtime always! The cool, refreshing breeze in the morning air after a very cold and dark winter.

    1. Good one Salpi! Thank you so much for dropping in. :)


  2. Hi Kellie, I love your blog. I've known you through Vicki's event and I'll come back to read more...I invite you to visit my blog
    xoxo Bogomilla



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