Thursday, January 3, 2013

Living the Magical Life

When I was a child my most cherished fantasies had to do with living life as the beautiful fairy princess who married the handsome prince and lived happily ever after, traveling the world by magic carpet. There was something so intoxicating and empowering to me about being able to get whatever I wanted simply by waving a magic wand or twitching my nose.

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I still carry those fantasies within me to some degree. Frankly, I think that life as we originally intended for ourselves as energetic beings is not too far off from said magical life. As we grow up that belief and knowing we had as children fades as we take on the fears of our parents, teachers, peers, authority figures and the media. I'm ready to reclaim that inner knowing.

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I believe that magic still waits for me in the form of creative visualization. This isn't a new concept but I spend more time romanticizing about it than I do actually putting it into practice. I can feel all of the resistant thoughts that come up every time I start thinking about setting intentions and the only thing I've ever done about them was let them be my excuses for giving up.

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I'm giving myself a magic wand today by creating a weekly blog column called Living the Magical Life. It's a way for me to hold myself accountable and on track. I'll be presenting the exercises that I'll be doing here so that you too can follow along if you wish or simply observe. My intent is to heal, learn, and grow.

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  1. Julia Cameron, in one of her books, advises her readers to "resist the resistance". She was referring to those resistant thoughts you mention. When not resisted, those thoughts can absolutely paralyze us and prevent us from becoming the sort of person we want to be and from accomplishing the things we need to accomplish. In the past, I have done a lot of creative visualization. I found it to be mood altering and benefited greatly from this practice.

    There is a book that I have called "Help Yourself Heal With Self-hypnosis" by Linda Mackenzie. I don't know if you are familiar with it. It is filled with visualization exercises. They have interesting scripts for different problems. For instance, for a cold or the flu, the scripts are called "Chicken Soup" and "The Diamond". For fear and phobia, the scripts are called "The Dark Room", "The Bear", and "The Moonlight". Among many others, the book has scripts for problems like anger, anxiety, anger, allergies, high blood pressure, guilt, grief, stress, cancer and chemotherapy, and much more. I look forward to your exercises.



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