Friday, January 4, 2013

Visualization Exercise: Creating a New Persona

Imagine how magical it would be to create a whole new persona for yourself. Who are you? Are you a king or a queen? Perhaps you are a fairy, an angel or an animal. How do you look, sound and act? Let yourself be light with a whimsical attitude. This is intended to be fun, just like the pretend games you played as a child.

Gina the free spirited Bohemian gypsy psychic
Meet Gina, my free spirited, Bohemian, gypsy, psychic persona. I am able to laugh at the challenges of life rather than be swept away by them. I have great humor and wit. I am opinionated and strong willed yet I am nurturing and forgiving. I am attractive, charismatic and confident, objective, compassionate and kind.  I use my psychic gifts to help others and myself for the higher good of us all. I am timeless.

via Pinterest - Einstein imagination quote
When I think about this persona I feel like the magical person I always wanted to be. I can do anything. I feel inspired, happy and connected to the universal energies of life.  I can slip into this persona whenever I want to even in the middle of a crises and let her guide my thoughts and actions.

Imagery is a powerful way of speaking to the subconscious mind. It can help us see and define our intentions more clearly. It can make the difference between letting life happen to us and taking control to better guide the outcome of our own life experiences. Who would you like to become?

Note: I took a photo of myself and composited my face onto an appealing photograph of someone wearing an outfit I liked. Not bad eh?! Try using collage to help you visual your intentions.


  1. Sorry to be so late to the party. I think it's wonderful what you're doing, Kellie! This process is very enabling. It can perk us up when we are down, give us wings when ours have been clipped, enable us to go the extra mile, dare when we might hesitate, go where we want to go, become the person we know we can be. Your free spirit Bohemian gypsy seems like a nice and capable person and she's a sharp and daring dresser! I'm sure she must be very enabling for you and that's a good thing. She makes you happy! I like your idea of slipping into a persona whenever one feels the need. It's a fantastic way of feeding our subconscious and it's magic, isn't it. Compositing one's face on a suitable photograph is genius. Looking forward to your forthcoming articles.

  2. how fun this is going to be, trying on new personas, maybe this will help get my style mojo going on (it has been dormant since taking up crafting)



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