Sunday, January 6, 2013

Her Majesty Just Wanted to be a Bad Girl

In the age of repression, she dreamed of breaking free of the confines of her proper, buttoned up ladyhood. Even her secret journals revealed that Her Majesty desired a taste of courtesan freedom. Deep down she simply just wanted to be a bad girl.

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I was playing around with some fashion plate images from the 1800's and divine guidance led me to create this whimsical piece as part of a new collection I'm calling Victorian Secrets. I'll bet those gals had a LOT of juicy stories to tell. Imagine yourself immersed in a secret victorian life. What delicious secrets would you write about? 

Note: Image is ©Kell Belle Studio, victorian secrets watermark tags do not appear on my high resolution images

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  1. Oh to be so bad...all dressed up and many places to go...shhhhhhh



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