Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole and Other Magical Arts

So, you've spent the season eating, drinking and otherwise enjoying life's merriment, now what? Maybe you made a few resolutions on a whim of a New Year's Eve moment or maybe you've put some thought into them. Today the reality of actually having to do something to make them happen begins to grip you in the chest with all the pleasantness of rigor mortis.

This year I will . . .
top 10 most broken resolutions plus a few of my own
Panic, anxiety, paralysis and yes, major thoughts of procrastination make it even more difficult to drag yourself out of the comfort of bed these days. You may even begin deepening your relationship with your TV or internet. Yes, the call of those mind numbing ways of avoiding what has to be done to move yourself beyond your comfort zone are practically irresistible.

Actually, I'm speaking about myself. I'm addicted to newness. You know, that brand new purchase for that thing I wanted or that new, self improvement technique are all so much more appealing in my lofty hallucinations before it sinks into my brain that my own effort is the magic ingredient that was intended to make it all work. The newness of anything eases the discomfort of life temporarily but it never lasts sending me off in search of the next new thing. I haven't quite figured out yet how to gracefully make it past the detox stage. Do you see yourself in any of this?

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Visualization keeps popping into my head. As someone developing psychic ability, I am learning to listen those inner callings and trust my senses more. Lately I find that any time I do spend visualizing sends me into an "I can do this later" attitude. Procrastination is one of my habitual ways of resisting change. The nasty saboteur within me would rather not see me succeed. Of course not! Its very survival depends on my lack of persistence and willingness to continually accept the status quo.

alice in wonderland - down the rabbit hole
I've been saying the same thing for years and it's no wonder I haven't moved very far. What about you? How long have you spent making the same resolutions year after year only to discover at year end that you once again succeeded admirably in offering excellent lip service? Nothing in life can change without a willingness to do something different. What do you think? Wanna take a ride?


  1. All I can say is that nothing gets done unless we do it. When I find something difficult to do, I use affirmations, but more often than not, I will use a timer. I will set it for ten minutes and work at the dreaded thing for ten minutes. It's surprising how much can be accomplished in ten minutes. When I'm really feeling in the dumps about doing something, the timer gets set for five minutes. It's amazing the amount of dishes that can get washed in five minutes. The timer method works well for me.

    1. Hi Lucille,

      The 10 minute timer is a great idea and one I had forgotten about. One of my many books talks about scheduling a 5 minute block of time on the calendar to actually work on a "to do" item. I've found that taking that step to just get started is really the biggest hurdle. When you break it down into 10 minute, bite size chunks, it really does make things seem more manageable, doesn't it?!

      I have some mental road blocks (self talk) that I want to try to work on changing so that's why the visualization sounded good.

      Your suggestions are excellent! Thank you for gently reminding me about those. :)


  2. Kellie - I have just loaded your lovely blog into the draft post for my Grow Your Blog party - you can find latest updates on my blog. See you on the 19th!




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