Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Uses for a Kraft Envelope

Many of the kraft envelopes I've seen are not all that exciting or particularly inspirational to look at other than the fact that they are brown which, I suppose, automatically lends an antique usefulness to them. Sometimes we just need a little help with uses to really get the imagination spinning in the right direction so the question becomes, once you have these nifty little treasures, what do you DO with them?
  1. Sachets - fill with a little potpourri to make a scented drawer sachet
  2. Wedding Favor - fill with 2 tbs bath salts for a unique wedding favor
  3. Money Holder - need I say more?
  4. Buttons - a great way keep your buttons organized unless you're a button junkie in which case you'll probably need something larger
  5. Scrap holder - if you're anything like me you hoard even the smallest bits of paper because you never know when they might come in handy on another project
We'll get to the other 5 uses in a moment. Here are a few digital, printable kraft envelopes I designed that have a little color to them. Not saying the plain envelopes are boring per se, I do like the look but maybe something with a little more pizazz is in order, eh? 
printable digital kraft envelopes in the boutique
Wanna see what these beauties look like from the front? Fortune smiles on you today because with a single wave of my magic wand, I can instantly transport you to Le Charmed Life on Etsy where you can get more detailed views of these magnificent creations. Now for the final 5 uses.
  1. Journal Pocket - add interactive elements to your journal
  2. Letters - why not send your sweetheart off with a little love note tucked into one of these, oooh, that sparks a few ideas
  3. Trinkets - keeps track of charms and trinkets and other small embellishments
  4. Seed Packet - why not give your favorite gardner the gift of seeds packaged in a unique way
  5. Envelope Journal - create a little envelope journal
I've noticed that when I push myself to come up with uses for things, the most dynamic and exciting ones start coming after you've listed the most obvious uses. Can you think of some others? I would love to hear about them. Enjoy!

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