Monday, July 15, 2013

Fiery Opal Paper and Wire Corset

I see Opal dancing playfully on the horizon with a fiery sunset. Energetic yet well grounded and tempered with a cool nature, it is here she feels comfortable enough to set her audacious heart free. Mostly I'm talking about myself. Opal is an expression of my desire to break out of conformity.

wire and paper corset front
The Opal corset is a combination of paper and wire combined beautifully to demonstrate the organic possibility of wire and the architectural power of paper. Each leaf was hand cut, hand painted and hand adhered to a hand twirled piece of annealed wire.

wire and paper corset back
My creative process is such that I don't always know what the finished outcome will be as my muse likes to change direction on me mid stream. Thank the universe she does because I'm always delightfully surprised. This corset has now got me thinking about other ways I could use wire in my paper designs.


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    1. Thank you, Sarah. I appreciate the comment. :)


  2. So very clever, I'm always thrilled to watch your videos; thank you for sharing with us. Linda

  3. Can i have template please. Beautiful



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