Monday, July 22, 2013

The Achingly Beautiful . . . Box?

It's true, I said I wasn't going to announce a new project and just to be clear, I'm still not going to so I'll call this the quasi new project announcement. Since I've literally got a drawer full of paper corsets and dresses languishing away in sandwich bags, I thought I would use my down time to finally get around to creating those displays I've only been posting about for months.

"a thought became a whisper" via wild goose chase on flickr
I know I'll still create paper art over the next five months so why not take you with me? The challenge? The achingly beautiful box. Interesting word, achingly. I recently saw that term used on a blog and while I agreed with its usage in the particular context in which it was used, how does one set about making something that can be defined as achingly beautiful when art is so subjective?

via aussie scrap source
The answer is simple. How do YOU define beauty? That is truly all that matters and all that is needed for you to make a beautiful box. I'll provide the inspiration and a little instruction along the way, you supply the creativity and originality to make your projects nothing short of divine!

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