Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vintage Ephemera: Old Trade Cards

So there I was, salivating all over the vintage ephemera over on Winterthur Digital Collections and pinning like a crazy woman when "it" happened!

Winterthur trade cards page 7

This is that moment when panic grips you, literally cutting off your air supply because you've just realize that all the images you so carefully selected to pin are bringing up a "page not found" error when clicked. *insert the sound bite to any scary movie theme here*

Winterthur trade cards page 5

"That sinking "oh shit" feeling slowly settles over you like nausea because you know you have to go back, page by page to find EVERY image all over again and figure out how to link them properly. You do this because unlike others, you're a conscientious pinner and like any reputable pinner, you care about others being able to get back to the original source. . . right?

Winterthur trade cards page 11

You go back to the source and find the URL info posted (in fine print) directly above the image. Great! This will be easy, time consuming, but easy . . . that is until you realize AFTER you've relinked everything that you still haven't learned your lesson about testing the first one before you move on to all the others.

Winterthur trade cards page 4
Yep! You guessed it. That was an exercise in futility because the new link still resulted in the same "page not found" error which is why I created this post. I can post and pin the images from here and keep the integrity of the original source.

Winterthur trade cards page 186
All that being said, feel free to grab the images by clicking and downloading them directly from Winterthur. This way I don't deprive you of the opportunity to see what other tasty morsels this site may have to offer you. Enjoy!

Note: The images posted here have the background edited out along with some size modifications otherwise the images themselves remain unaltered.

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