Sunday, July 21, 2013

What's in a Name?

I'm doing that thing again where I try to come up with a catchy, memorable name to represent yet another eclectic interest of mine. Since I seem to be adding metaphysics and healing through perfumery to my paper and digital art endeavors, the name should be something that captures the essence of all of those rolled into one while still maintaining the Kell Belle name recognition.

crystal reader via Pinterest
Here's the kicker, the name should also leave room to incorporate other interest that might develop along the way such as *cough* herbalism. It's gonna happen and I've got my subscribers to think about before I jump into completely changing the name. Just looking at my thought process in printed form, I think the choice might have just been made for me.
I toyed with the possibility of using Kell Belle Apothecary but paper art and intuitive readings don't appear to incorporate well under that umbrella. With Kell Belle Alchemy I don't have to sacrifice an already established name and based on the definition of alchemy, possibilities are left wide open for expansion into just about anything that interests me.


  1. I love it Kellie! Perfection!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Kellie I just was led to your blog tonight from your Youtube videos on paper corsets. I love them and while exploring your page saw that you combined your philosophy and your paper art. I just had to thank you for being an example to those of us who have been struggling to do the very same thing. You inspire me.


  3. Hi Kellie! I was led to your blog through your Youtube videos on paper corsets and upon reading through you blog discovered that you are combining your spirituality with your paper arts. I just wanted to thank you for being a wonderful example for those of us who seek to this melding for ourselves. Love your blog its beautiful.





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