Friday, July 26, 2013

Watercolor Paper Flowers

I recently discovered the works of French artist Lyndie Dourthe who has elevated the art of paper flower making to a level far beyond any I've seen so far. The word beautiful merely touches at the surface of the artistry and elegance with which Lyndie delivers her technique.

Subtle gradients of color that bleed ever so gracefully into one another is the equivalent of actually catching a glimpse of a mermaid, moon bathing on a mid summer evening. You know you've discovered something startlingly beyond the mainstream.

I'm not only captivated, I'm dazzled and inspired. Where can I learn how to make leaves and flowers like this? Without much effort, I was able to find a tutorial put out by 100 Layer Cake. These ladies do not go into any detail about how they are applying paint which is the key to the whole look so I'll probably spend some time experimenting and creating my own tutorial.

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  1. Once you've mastered the paint/coloring technique, please do share. These flowers are beautiful. Thank you!



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