Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What the Bleep is Anti-Fartus?

Do you suffer from embarrassing bouts of public flatulence? Could your swamp gas power a small town? The Anti-Fartus Elixir may be the relief you've been praying for.

While this may not be the most genteel post in the world I don't know of a single living human who isn't afflicted with this particular bodily vocalization and wouldn't miss it if it stopped. Can you imagine Marie Antoinette strolling along with the King and suddenly ripping one off in court?

Now that I've got you wondering where I'm going with all this, I created my first aromatherapy blend. Using a limited number of oils, the assignment was to decide on a purpose for the blend. I figured it might as well be something I could actually try out now instead of waiting for my next cold which could be years for me.

the gas blend ingredients
The next thing to do was label the blend. After careful consideration I decided to have some fun with this and come up with a name that others could connect with on a humorous level. Instead of naming it something like "Gas Be Gone," which personally makes my eyes glaze over and roll up into the back of my head, the name Anti-Fartus seemed to bubble forth quite naturally.

we'll work on presentation for next time
The first thing I'm going to do when I shop next is load up my cart with lots of fresh, high fiber veggies like squash, beans and my personal favorite - beats! I'll try out my blend for awhile and report back here on its success or failure. We're all counting on you, Anti-Fartus. Make us proud!

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