Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Sneak Peek Inside Alice's Paper Corset

Don't you just love the arty look of this paper corset?! I'm trying out a new and different approach to artfully handmade paper fashion that I think will open up more possibility for embellished detail

paper machè corset front view
Happily my perfectionistic inner critic with a penchant for symmetry seems to be embracing the small variations that give handmade items their charm. Have I have triumphantly beaten her into submission at last? Ha!

paper machè corset back view
These photos are a down and dirty sneak peek that don't really do this corset justice but at least you get an idea of what can be done with paper once thinking outside the flat paper box begins.

paper machè corset side view
So, what's next? I did write in an earlier post that adding fabric was too easy. I think I'ma have to eat a little crow on that one because that's exactly what I wanna do. Paper will still be the major design element with fabric added only as an accent so maybe this was the distinction I was originally trying to get across. We'll see how well that works out for me. (tee hee :)


  1. Wow i love this paper corset. Is there any tutorial to show us how you did it 3D?

    1. Hey doll,

      I don't have a tutorial put together for this at the moment. This technique is somewhat new to me so until I've played with it for awhile, I will not be offering a tutorial. Thanks for the question. I'm sure others will want to know too.

      Cheers! =D

  2. Beautiful Kellie. Looking forward to tutorial when you can .

  3. Kellie these are great and I sat here thinking oh my gosh to have the talent you have. I was looking for a corset pattern to make invitations for my daughters bridal shower and found you and now I am like forget trying to look further just have to use the Savannah and make her a little bigger

  4. Kellie these are beautiful u r very talented I was looking for a corset pattern to use to make bridal shower invitations for my daughters wedding and u by accident and I have to look no further Savannah just larger will be the one I will strive to do u justice in teaching how to embelish these and send pic when I get one done thank you thank you



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