Saturday, September 29, 2012

Terms of Use: Selling Your Work

I'm beginning to notice Etsy listings (yes, I troll the listings occasionally) for paper outfits created using my templates and since I don't specifically talk about selling your work in my Terms of Use I should probably address that now.

You are welcome to sell your original, handmade pieces created using my templates.  You absolutely may NOT create copies of my work and offer them for sale. Mass production of items made from my templates is also prohibited without first obtaining a commercial license. Contact the studio for details.

This means that if you are following along with the videos, please use the imagination you were given and come up with your own ways of covering and embellishing your outfits. The videos are for inspiration only and not intended to help you create copies of my work for your own monetary gain.

Some kind of link back to me in in your listings would be great. I spend a lot of time putting the templates together each month and making sure the pieces fit just right so a mention is greatly appreciated.

I'm sure you probably knew this already and I know you would all rather create your own originals anyway right? Of course you would. :) That said, please carry on and continue to enjoy!

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