Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reading Minds - Psychic Hit

I've been working on developing my psychic ability for several weeks now. I've had many psychic hits, mostly traffic related, so I've spared you the boring details. Something different happened this past Sunday though. I actually read someone's mind. I don't mean that in a "finishing someone's sentence" kinda way. I actually heard words in my head!

the third eye is the seat of imagination
I received a mail order item and hand thrown the box in my recycle bag. For some reason my father got into the bag and had removed the crumpled paper in the bottom of the box. I had my back turned to him as I was working on something so I could not see what he was doing but I heard him saying something to himself even though no words passed his lips.
so true! Einstein quote
I could not make out the words as they were more like a mumble which would be typical of my father. In my mind I heard myself say "What?" "What do you have to tell me?" He immediately walked over to where I was sitting to tell me there was still something under the paper in the box and asked if I had intended to throw them out. WOW!

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What I am learning about all this psychic stuff is that we are all receiving psychic information all the time. The key is to listen to and trust your intuition more. I'm trying to pay more attention to how it feels in my body when I do receive this information as this is the key to being able to distinguish between solid psychic information and just plain mental chatter.

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