Sunday, July 29, 2012

Despoina's Incredible Paper Art

I cancelled my blog hop a little too soon because Despoina of Magnadi has put together a magnificent display of paper dresses to show off her use of the templates I provided over the past year. I am only featuring one of her dresses here in order to pique your curiosity into paying her a visit.

click image to see Despoina's line of paper couture
Despoina's paper dresses are not only creative, they are the perfect example of what it means to "borrow." It is possible to be inspired by others without the need to copy them. The result is the creation and development of your own, unique style. I applaud you my dear. Your art is truly incredible!

Image credit: Copyright Despoina of Magnadi


  1. Wow!!! Fabulous!! Amazing work of art!

  2. Hello, I found Despiona'g blog (and yours) purely by chance and was just floored by her beautiful dresses! Could not believe the detail she is able to capture; pure art! I will take a look around your blog as well, as I see lots of beauty and creativity - so happy I found you!



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