Monday, July 23, 2012

Free Old Paper Edge Photoshop Brushes

I'm really getting into this digital collage art. Today I created some old paper edge photoshop brushes as used in the ultra chic vintage journal page pictured below.
©Kell Belle Studio - corset diaries journal page
This collage is just one of the many goodies you'll have access to during the paper corset project which I'm renaming to the Corset Diaries Project. More on that later. Get your Old Paper Edge brushes now.

Note: The brushes should automatically download when you click the link. Image associated with this post is provided for inspiration purposes only and not intended for your use. 


  1. its gorgeous,thanks for the brushes and image ,i cant wait for the next project

    1. Hi Ollie,

      I'm so glad you like the brushes. I hope you will enjoy creating your own original works with them.

      The image was intended for inspirational purposes only and not meant to be downloaded by my readers. This is a low resolution image with an embedded watermark.

      Thank you for the visit. Here's wishing you a pleasant evening.


    2. oh ok then i'll just use it as inspiration then no worries lol.

      did you get my message on youtube?,if not i'll email you about it .


    3. Hi Ollie,

      I'm sorry, I did mean to get back to you sooner. Yes, I did get your message on YouTube. If you click "Profile" at the top of my blog then scroll down and click Biography you will find what you are looking for in the lower right corner.

      Cheers! =D

    4. ok ,thanks kellie i'll get it to you when i get it all together

      have fun



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