Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pinterest Repin Etiquette

It has come to my attention that there are some who have embarked on a mass repinning of {my} (I have to use this term loosely) Pinterest finds. What I mean by heavily is 50 to 150 items at a time. Should I be offended by this? Haha! I'm afraid the jury is still out at the moment.

kell belle studio on pinterest
In the first place, most of these items/photos aren't even mine. I'm simply electronically hoarding photos of other people's great stuff so why then do I feel just a little bit robbed of my individuality? It's completely illogical because I should be thanking you and I am . . . kinda.

more Kell Belle Studio goodness on Pinterest
Here's the thing, I guess I wouldn't mind so much if the 150 items being repinned were actually MY items. This means items I have either offered for sale or for free. Really! My sidebar says I have great boards. I guess I wasn't kidding. :)

you've just got to visit Kell Belle on Pinterest
The screen shots are images of my most popular boards. So yes, here I am advertising that fact so I can get some more mass repinners. Am I a walking paradox of myself or what? What the hell, go crazy and pin away. You know you wanna so come check me out. (tee hee ;)


  1. I don't use Pinterest much anymore because I was finding that I was getting a bunch of places added to my following list somehow that I didn't want and I couldn't get rid of. However, I did have to go and take a look at your boards after reading this. lol

    You DO have great boards. I can see why everyone's re-pinning but I can also understand your frustration.

    I happily pinned one of your outfits for you, because I think they are just STUNNING pieces of art!!

    1. Hi Linda,

      LOL, I'm not even sure I am frustrated. Repinning is a good thing. It feels uncomfortable because it's different, that's all. :)

      As for seeing items you don't want to, if you have followed all of someone's boards you will see all of the items that they pin. Good news though, you can go unfollow any of their individual boards simply by clicking on the unwanted item. You will be taken to that board where you just click the unfollow button at the top. It's working for me so far!

      Thanks for your comment and for the repin. Here's wishing you a great Sunday.


  2. Huh.

    I thought people were encouraged not to post their own items on their own boards--as in, pinterest is not for self promotion.

    1. Hi doll,

      True enough, however, if you look at the ratio of my own items vs the number of other people's items I've happily and eagerly pinned, you will see that other people's items far outnumber my own.

      I'm not using Pinterest as a way of promoting my own items although hopefully that is a side benefit, but rather I'm using Pinterest as my vision boards. What I'm saying is don't rely on me to fill your boards with great stuff. I'm simply encouraging you to go out and find your own identity.

      Thanks for the comment, I sure do appreciate it. ;)




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