Monday, July 16, 2012

Tarot Card Reading: 2 of Pentacles

The other day I posted this photo in my Psychic Calling post which I have since swapped out so that I could do a little mini reading on what my untrained intuition tells me about this card besides the fact that the artwork is stunning. I intend to read entirely from intuition so keep in mind that I am not referring to any kind of published tarot definitions here.

shadowscapes tarot
Pentacles relate to finances which seem to be up in the air for you right now. You may have received a little extra this month but you have your head in the clouds with lofty and unrealistic expectations about just how far your much needed extra dollar will stretch. It's a circus balancing act for sure and you may even be going so far as to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Overall you seem to be managing the situation okay.

Other cards in the spread would give more info about what's going on with this situation. It's like a novel already and I for one am ready to know more. How about you?

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