Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Psychic Calling

Those creative voices are whispering again. This time they beckon me toward psychic development, to tap in once again to that sixth sense, the seat of the third eye. I'v had past experiences but it's been awhile. Why now? I'm not sure but the calling is strong.

psychic development on Amazon
My intent is not to become some side show quack performing parlor tricks for the purpose of dazzling friends and family. In fact, my reasons could not be further from this. My hope is that by developing this latent talent present in all of us, I can help others realize their full potential.

Maybe this involves the incorporation of journaling and guided meditation of some kind. I really don't know where this journey will take me but I'm excited to find out!

gilded tarot - moon
Next weekend I'll be taking an afternoon workshop on tarot card reading. Psychic development pairs well with tarot and is important for a card reader because tarot relies heavily on intuitive interpretation of imagery. If I can't trust my own intuition completely then I am nothing more than that side show fortune teller.

The World - Shadowscapes tarot
I have a tarot deck I like but it's about 20 years old so I ordered two more just to add variety and to see how each deck performs for me personally. The gilded tarot and shadowscapes tarot are both so gorgeous and both speak to me in different ways.

That said, I'll now have lots more to write about because not only will you still see my paper art, tutorials and musings but you will get to read about my psychic development as well! Oh you lucky people, you! I know, you can't wait. ;)

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