Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Corset Diaries VII: February Corset Template

February's corset is wonderfully different from any couture project I've offered to date and lends itself well to a world of possibility for those who dare to imagine it.

paper corset journal page 7" x 7 1/2"
Your journal page appears above. Click to download at full size. Ideas: Fold the half page over to the right, glue the bottom and make a pocket for your ephemeral bits.

The video gives instruction on how to use the guide to make a pleated, more dimensional corset than what you are used to using. Feedback is always appreciated if you have a moment. Enjoy!


  1. http://talkinghorsesarts.blogspot.com showed some amazing corsets she made after viewing your blog and shared your site with us ... sooooo glad she did. Fabulous tutorial !! Thank you.

  2. Thank you for all the amazing projects!

  3. I just finished downloading and can't wait to start working on it. Thank you very much for sharing your amazing work. You are very talented!

  4. Hello Kellie,
    I have just found your lovely blog, after seeing your beautiful Ballerina dress on Pinerest. I'm just about to go and watch the videos I see you have available to watch.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely ideas.

  5. Hi Kelly

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful work of art.
    Watching your tutorials and learning. Love it.

    1. Thanks Bar! Glad you are enjoying the templates. :)


  6. Beautiful and inspirational!Really amazing handicraft!



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