Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Zen of Paper Butterflies

Sometimes all it takes to calm the inner storms is a trip back to simplicity by focusing on the gentler side of life. There is wonder and a sense of complete presence in watching a butterfly fluttering it's way around a field of wild flowers.

via A Drink of Rain
As a nice prelude to spring, I thought a craft project on creating a paper butterfly might be good to lift the spirits. Home Made Simple offers a paper butterfly template you can use to create dimensional butterflies like the ones pictured below easily and simply.

purchase finished butterflies from hipandclavicle on Etsy
Don't feel like going the DIY route? hipandclavicle on Etsy offers a variety of colors and patterns you might like. These can be stuck on the wall to create a beautiful and uplifting wall art design.


  1. light and delicate.

  2. Oh my, those butterflies are really pretty! And 3D too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. We had a load of snow yesterday,a bit of spring lifts the spirits!Gotta make butterflies lol..thanks Kelly for sharing.



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