Monday, February 4, 2013

Rustic Wire Photo Holder

Having been inspired lately by the look of shabby, rustic photo holders I created my own version using a vintage ink well instead of a door knob or insulator I've seen others use. Ink wells can double as a little bud vase to go that extra mile in adding pretty to your craft space.

rustic wire photo holder at Le Charmed Life
I really had no idea what to do with the loop on the left. There was no original thought as to what function this would play in the piece but I grabbed a tiny clothespin, a little tag and voilà, another unique display idea.

gorgeous antique Victorian label
I started with a drawing of how I wanted to twist the wire and it turned into something a little bit different than what I had in mind but that's perfectly okay. It's kind of fun to be delightfully surprised by what actually takes shape in your hands. Don't you just love that sneaky little muse! :)


  1. That is so beautiful!!! I love it

  2. That is beautiful!!I found your blog on google images when I was looking around for some photo holder ideas. Great work!




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