Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Botanical Prints and the Ephemeral Re-org

Ever find that your Pinterest boards end up taking on a life you never intended for them? How do you a browse and find a proper botanical print for your next collage project when you have to wade through a smorgasbord of 1,600 images of all things ephemera?

almond blossom botanical print
It's called a re-org which is short for reorganization. It's true, I'm a bit of a Pinterest junkie. The dangerous part of this equation is that I could be looking for a flower and see a really great image of an apple. Here's what happens next.

pink mushroom botanical print
When my first exposure to this image is a source that wants me to pay for it, obsession takes its grip. I've now made it my personal mission to find that image thereby raising the level of the desire-o-meter from mere "like it and want it" to "no way in hell will I live without it."

deutsche pomologie
Since I know that images dated in the 19th century or earlier are going to fall somewhere in the public domain, it then becomes a personal challenge for me to find a copy of it free of watermarks and in a respectably useable size.

lily of the valley
Much of the time I am successful however I don't recommend this method because it not only sucks up time like a Hoover but 400 pins and half a day later you now need a new board that you never imagined you'd need before today.

vintage rose ephemera
Does anyone else out there do this or is it a Virgo thing? Ha! At any rate, please enjoy the images and if you get a moment, stop by and visit my Botanical Ephemera and Prints board on Pinterest.

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