Thursday, May 30, 2013

Panniers and Paper Corsets

This paper corset has to be one of the more interesting ones I've done so far with it's paper pannier. This is not the finished piece but I had to share.

paper pannier and corset
Did women really wear this kind of thing? It looks like battle armor to me. To say the least, without getting into the history, panniers are fascinating to look at.

18th century pannier via Making History Tart and Titillating
At any rate, I see tattered fabric dripping from this corset and oozing with vintage charm. I don't know though. I'm really at the whim of my muse and what she decides is fashionable.

Note: You can read a little more about the history of panniers at Making History Tart and Titillating.


  1. hey kellie...i love your work it is so inspiring. Keep up the amazing job you do

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