Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Make a Paper Violet Flower

I thought I would post a stand alone tutorial on how to make a paper violet flower. The video gives tips for cutting the template as well as offering an idea or two about how to get creative with your flower petals.

paper violet flower
Don't you just love the idea of a pressed paper violet? I think there is something kind of romantic about it because it transcends the rules of reality. Then again, that's what art is all about.

paper violet flower template
Here's the violet template in plain and simple format. I would love to see what you create. Of course, a credit back to me as the source is appreciated.

Note: If you have already viewed the April corset video you can skip this one. This video is simply an extract of the portion of that video pertaining to the assembly of the paper violet.

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  1. Hello to you Kellie!
    My name is Inger Elise Hjelm and I came across your blog that I just love. What you're doing needlework and the templates and tutorial you share of you are incredibly talented. Am so grateful for all the templates and tutorial that you share with us. I've used them and I've obviously linked to you and also talked about whether another use your templates or tutorial that they also shall link back to you so that you get credit for your work. If you want you can drop in to me and see what I've done with your templates. The closet for the dresses, I have built myself freehand. Many thanks enough once to the wonderful you are sharing and greetings from Inger.



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