Sunday, December 23, 2012

Corset Diaries: Dance of the Snowflakes

I'm not a big fan of the cold but from a cozy spot in front of the electric fireplace I can appreciate the intricacies of frost as well as anyone. Ice crystals are incredible works of lacy art as only nature can create and every one of them is unique.

dance of the snowflakes via CaptPiper on Flickr
The corset diaries invites you to come dancing with the snowflakes as we celebrate January in cool, frosty style. Let's begin with some old, white lace . . .

snowflake tutus via Ballet Austin
and a call to the north winds to send us her muse. Let the inspiration of winter wash over your soul and bathe you in her magic.

ice queen via Susan Blexrud
You have shape shifted into a snowflake dancing gracefully on Swan Lake. Music rises softly from the silence of the snow but it is a tune that you alone were meant to hear.

swan lake ballet tutu via averiguare on Flickr
Still enchanted by the ballet, my inspiration for January is Dance of the Snowflakes. The corset we'll be making will be something lacy, pretty and wintery.

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