Thursday, December 6, 2012

Corset Diaries: Miss November

Finally! Our Miss November makes her appearance. I'm not sure what to call her but I'm leaning toward something simple and country. Daisy, maybe? Not quite but it's in the neighborhood. My muse seems to be silent at the moment. She never fails me though so I'll be patient.

paper corset miss November - front

I said something about adding panties to this corset but it occurred to me that lacing the back might become a challenge so I went with faux panties instead.  Notice the slight fold of fabric and paper in the center of the front which suggests we've got a little bloomer going on here. I rather like the look.

paper corset miss November - back
I should have a diary page and template for you this weekend plus a little free bonus to help you pretty up your pages. Feel free to throw out some names if you are so inclined. Maybe it will spark something. Think peasant, simple, and country. Toodles for now!


  1. So delicate and gorgeous....!

  2. Kell, She's a beaut! Your work is delicious and so wonderful. Love it!

    ` Alli

  3. Still loving your corsets and still keeping everything crossed that you will decide to do a tutorial on how to make your 3D corsets :)

  4. Lovely, Kellie! Another winner!



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