Monday, December 3, 2012

The Paris Brocante Paper Rose Tutorial

Imagine. It's 1899, holiday time in Paris. You're entertaining the most stylish and gorgeous of Montmartre society this year and everyone knows your parties impress like no other. Proud of your Bohemian heritage, you look to the flea markets for unique finds that will leave lasting impressions and add vintage beauty to your holiday table.
shabby cottage printable favor box 
Ahhh! Are you there yet? Soft, muted pinks, lacy accents and aged texts give this holiday favor box a Paris brocante look I absolutely love. Roses are always a favorite with those of us who seem to be drawn to all things made in shabby cottage style so today I'm gonna show you how to make some out of paper.

cottage style paper roses front 
You won't need to purchase any punches for this so don't worry if you don't have any. I'll provide everything you need to make the double sided paper rose shown on the favor box. First, download the paper rose templates by clicking the images and saving them to your desktop. Print page 1 on 8 1/2 by 11 inch plain white paper.

cottage style paper roses back
Print page 2 of the template on the back side of the page you just printed making sure that it prints in the same area on your page as your rose templates did. When you are finished printing, the roses on the front should align in the center of the text you printed on the back. Once you cut them out, your roses will have text on both sides.

  •  Cut your flowers into pieces as indicated in the above photo
  •  Roll the single petal into a cone and adhere into place
  •  Slightly curl the petals of the two petal piece and roll into a loose cone by overlapping the petals
  • Form your other 3 pieces into cones by adhering the petals on either side of your cuts together
  • Curl petals as desired

  • Insert your rolled single petal into the two petal cone
  • Build your rose by inserting the smaller cones into the larger cones until your rose is formed

Now you're ready to add some distress ink to the edges of your rose and find yourself some leaves. You can use punches or just cut a leaf shape out of green paper. I purposely didn't include a leaf template to allow your wonderful imagination to come up with the perfect leaf for your project.

Le Charmed Life patterned favor box template
I used my rose to embellish this adorable little Paris brocante favor box. I made a double bow using some seam binding, added a couple of paper curls and adhered the whole shebang to the box lid. Couldn't you just eat this up?! Enjoy!


  1. You make it seem so easy...but it isn't. In your hands...a symphony of paper and imagination. Love it

  2. You certainly are very talented! Your box is like a little jewel! Thank you for the lovely tutorial!

  3. You always amaze me Kellie. You always put so much love and detail into your pieces of art. Thanks for the tutorial.




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