Saturday, December 22, 2012

Worn Ballet Shoes

The attic of this old house holds many memories now hidden away in dust covered trunks among forgotten relics. Captivated by a pale, pink pair of worn, ballet pointe shoes, a hint of a smile crosses her frowning lips. Where did they come from? Who wore them?

worn ballet point shoes I found for a song on eBay
She never wanted to be a dancer, never dreamed of pirouetting elegantly across the stage and yet these tossed away old slippers still beg to tell their exquisite tale. Fragments of images begin to flash in dreamlike animation across her minds eye engaging her imagination in a dance of magic and intrigue.

altered ballet slipper tutorial on Etsy for $10
Inspiration comes in many forms and the magic is entirely up to the beholder to find. Since our corset diary theme for the month is ballet related, I thought you might like to try your hand at creating your own ballet magic. Enjoy!

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