Monday, December 17, 2012

Journal Prompt: You are the Queen

Visualize. Just for today place all of your worry and doubt into the ugliest suitcase you can imagine. I say ugly so you won't mind getting rid of it. Now take yourself to the seashore and toss the suitcase in. You are not allowed to retrieve this suitcase for at least 24 hours. This is the beginning of your merry little Christmas.

image courtesy of Girled Cheese - Bittersweet
Let your heart be light! Reacquaint yourself with your whimsical, inner child who once believed that sugar plum fairies danced around the kitchen sink at midnight on Christmas Eve. Remember that little girl or boy who believed so faithfully in the magic of Christmas.

sugar plum fairies - tutu du monde
Today you are the Nutcracker's Miss Clara. You can make the dream be anything you want. What did you wish for, hope for or dream of as a child? What did you believe you could do during those days when you weren't afraid to dance like no one was watching?

pink pointe shoes courtesy of Özge Güven
My sister once said "walk like you have a cape on." Nobody has to know. This idea is similar to the "fake it till you make it" concept. It's an interesting exercise to try and one that may come with some surprising results. Try it! Imagine you are the Queen today.  You can be, do or have anything. Think back to those childhood days for there will be your heart also.

Marie Antoinette courtesy of IFC FIX 
What did you learn about yourself through the above exercises? Did you walk a little straighter? Was there just a little more confidence in your stride? Have you retrieved that suitcase full of problems yet or did you decide to let it sink to the murky depths never to see the light of day again? Tell me about your day.

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  1. I have filled the suitcase and threw it as far as I could...into the murky depths!! I will not retrieve it. I plan on the merriest of
    You enjoy too!



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