Sunday, June 23, 2013

Boho Basil Paper Corset

In her gypsy caravan she traveled around the old country giving intuitive readings to those who would request it. A bit of a loner but never lonely she enjoyed her nomadic, creatively fulfilling life of freedom. I can still hear her wisdom whispered in dreams and omens as she speaks to me from that other worldly place.

"Boho Basil" paper corset
Boho Basil started out brown with flecks of white because the paper I used was brown on one side and white on the other so the white came through on the torn edges. The poor thing just screamed "cow hide" and Basil wouldn't have it.  I had to agree so I started over.
cowgirl corset

Wielding a rather heavy hand with the distress ink, this girl definitely looks well aged. Actually I couldn't make up my mind about whether I wanted to use distress ink to color the whole thing brown or not but I think this works.
paper corset front view
Without giving much thought to color, I used bits of white scrap paper left over from the last project to embellish the skirt. I rather like the look of the creams and whites together. There's something just yummy about it.  Look for your diary page and inspirational video to post tomorrow.

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