Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Living the Magical Life: Shifting Perspective

Starting from where I am today I am gently reminded just how little it takes to make the decision to uplift, spread peace and otherwise dispel negative energy. I stumbled upon this free, printable poster offered by Kind Over Matter. I hope you will like as much as I do.

Kind Over Matter - Free Compliments PDF

As many of you know I've been actively engaged in a job search for nearly 3 months now. Sadly, I received my latest rejection letter yesterday so I'm feeling a bit discouraged. I also drew the Devil card to the question, "What am I passionate about; what lights me on fire?" To my deep dismay, the tarot throws into sharp relief the fact that I am being burned alive by my job discontent, so much so that it overshadows the positive. There is definitely something significant that I need to pay attention to here.

via The Nicest Pictures 
I can't get this quote out of my head
I'm having to ask myself some tough questions to try to shift my perspective. There is a life lesson in where I am. I can choose to face it or I can run away and face the same problem again later. The cows aren't necessarily nicer on the other side of the fence. It only seems that way because I haven't gotten to know them well enough yet. It's the same pasture, same grass just a different barn with a net effective change of zero. UGH!

Complain less, breathe more

Maybe the fact that I haven't found a new job yet is the universe's way of telling me to stay where I am and learn the lesson. It just feels so damned uncomfortable though, not to mention painful which only means it will take more focus to overcome it but it can be done. How do I respond to a festering jerk with respect and kindness and resist the urge to crawl over a desk to throttle them around the neck? I think what awaits me on the other side is that my efforts have the power to potentially and forever free me of drawing this type of situation into my experience. That alone sounds like a pretty nice payoff.

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