Monday, June 24, 2013

Corset Diaries XI: Boho Basil

Unlike the pronunciation of the herb, Basil is pronounced with a short "a" here instead of the long "a." Boho Basil sounded more worldly and gypsy-like than Boho Betty which definitely sounds worldly but in a more call girl kinda way. *snicker*

corset diary page for June - click to download
I haven't given you a template in awhile so here's a new one. This is a chemise which is the French word for shirt. Those French sure do have a way of making the ordinary sound pretty. The video will go over how to assemble the chemise but I leave the finishing touches to your own fertile imaginations.

In addition to chamise assembly the video will give you some inspiration for embellishing this month's boho corset. This was about as close to brown as I could bring myself to get without this looking like a cowgirl corset. Maybe next time. Enjoy!


  1. lovely can wait to make one how do I get your template

    1. Hy Myrna,

      At this time, the template above is what I have to offer. I have been saying I'm going to do a video to show everyone how to make the paper mache corset, I just haven't done it yet. Hopefully soon and I will announce it here when I do. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Kelly, would it be possible to use your templates to make fabric corsets forr my barbies. I cant find a pattern anywhere. Many thanks for fantastic work,



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