Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Hierophant Speaks

For my tarot class I've been working with my ages old Cosmic tarot deck. I swear I was twenty something when I bought this deck so it's the oldest one I have which gives it a more mystical feel for me. For tarot homework this month we have 5 questions to answer with a singe card draw. The second question happened to be: How can I creatively express myself and my ideas?

cosmic tarot - Hierophant
I drew the Hierophant card and although there was resistance to this card at first, it has not stopped speaking to me. It's surprising how much information I have been able to get from him. I've been told that those who really speak to you on an emotional level, be it positive or negative, have the most to teach you about who you are. I think that's true.

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